Lovely Vases Inspired By A Favorite Childhood Craft

At a huge, city-wide design fair like NYCxDesign, it’s easy for showroom after showroom full of new furniture to blend together due to the sheer magnitude of the event. So it’s always a pleasure when a vibrant design pops out and sticks with you–as Elyse Graham‘s melding resin vases did for me.

The collection is called Black Magic, and the pieces–there’s a planter and tables in addition to the vases–are made from pigmented resin that has been poured into a mold, layer by layer. Once the resin is hardened, Graham carves and sands them into their polished, geometric shapes, revealing the hidden layers, which form unexpected graphic patterns. The resulting objects have a cut-away vibe, revealing speckled, blocked or wave-y designs in their cross-sections.

When I spoke to Graham at the Sight Unseen OFFSITE, where she was showing, she described the vases using a different analogy. Part of her inspiration for the process, she says, are kids’ paintings that consist of crayon drawings underneath, layered with black paint over top. When you scratch away the dark surface, the waxy colors come through. “The Black Magic collection is inspired by the concept of revealing that which has been hidden from sight, but remains ever-present,” the press release states.

These hidden figures will cost you, though—they range from $950 to $3,500, depending on the size. Each is named after the place—Kyoto, Prague, Nuuk in Greenland—where Graham found inspiration for both pattern and palette. Check them out in the slideshow above.MM