The World’s Grossest Popsicles Are Made From Polluted Water

Water pollution is a global problem, but it can feel distant if you don’t live on the banks of a river or near the ocean. A group of Taiwanese students created a particularly clever way to raise awareness about the state of water pollution–by making a series of popsicles out of filthy, contaminated water.

The students, Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti, created 100 different popsicles from 100 different locations around Taiwan. Each sample of water from parks, fishing ports, and rivers went into popsicle molds, then into the freezer. To preserve them, the students coated them with polyester resin.

Despite their polluted contents, the popsicles are surprisingly beautiful–though you’d never want to eat them. The fact that they take the form of a delicious summer treat serves as a reminder that many people are faced with consuming polluted water on a daily basis.

The popsicles–plus individually designed wrappers–were on display at the New Generation of Design Exhibition at the Taipei World Trade Center in May.KS