This Maze-Like Pavilion Is Designed For One Thing: Summertime Lounging

The last time Co.Design covered a temporary pavilion designed by the Madrid-based firm Selgascano, it was the luminous, multi-colored, inflatable tunnel the architects designed for the 2015 Serpentine Pavilion. The firm’s latest is a little less day-glo, yet every bit as airy and undulating.

Taking up most of the courtyard at the new Fondation d’Entreprise Martell in Cognac, France, Selgascano’s temporary installation is comprised of snaking translucent material and inflatable seating.

[Photo: Iwan Baan]
The translucent material, as Designboom points out, is a mixture of polyester and fiberglass produced by the French building materials brand Onduline. A metal framework gives the piece its shape, and the inflatable, canary yellow seats are attached to the structure by straps, allowing visitors to sit, lean, or stretch out inside the pavilion’s roomy curves.

The installation is prefab, so it can be dismantled next year and moved elsewhere. In daylight, the translucent pavilion reflects the sun to create a constantly changing iridescent effect that subtly recalls Selgascano’s rainbow Serpentine pavilion. At night, it glows yellow from lights installed within. “Lightness has been a constant and integral aspect of our work,” Selgascano writes in a release, “and we saw this project as a unique possibility to experiment and explore that concept further.”MM