How Well Do You Know The Typography Of Rock ‘N’ Roll?

For many musicians, the typeface used on an album cover can double as a graphic identity–just look at Pink Floyd. Now, the graphic design studio Dorothy has created two posters that challenge you to match famous bands to their iconic typefaces.

Can you distinguish AC/DC’s angular “A” from the geometric “D” of the Doors? What about Metallica’s lightening rod “M,” or Queen’s long-tailed “Q?” If alternative rock is more your thing, can you spot which letter belongs to the Arctic Monkeys’ logo? Or which is emblematic of the Foo Fighters? How about the letter found on each of the Killers’ album covers?

[Photo: courtesy Dorothy]

It’s surprising just how recognizable some of these letters are–how could you miss Led Zeppelin’s classic blocky “L?” But if you’re stuck, there’s a tiny answer key along the side of each print to help you out (as well as spoilers on the studio’s blog).

“We fell in love with classic band logos when we were in school . . . doodling them onto the front of any exercise book that wasn’t covered in our mum’s wallpaper,” writes Dorothy’s design director Ali Johnson in an email. “It could help explain how we ended up doing what we do. For us, these Alphabets bring back some brilliant memories and celebrate that perfect moment when design meets music.”

Both posters are on sale online for $39 each.