Ikea Just Totally Ditched The Ikea Look

Ikea has a reputation for slick, Scandinavian minimalism, but this autumn the Swedish furniture and lifestyle brand is ditching any semblance of restraint and fully embracing the luxe mindset of maximalism.

Its latest collection of furniture, textiles, and accessories hits stores in August, and it’s brimming with saturated jewel tones, plush textures, audacious patterns, metallic finishes, and rich leather. Oh–and exotic birds, too.

“This month we’re happy to introduce a range of products that create an inviting atmosphere in the home,” Ikea writes in a release. “The launch takes us into a universe filled with deep colors, golden accents and a touch of the tropics.”

Between the shag rugs, macrame accents, leafy wallpaper, emerald marble, and gilded utensils, it’s almost as if the 1970s never left. I can almost see Stevie Nicks swanning into one of the rooms now. See them in the slideshow above.