This Pocket-Sized Measuring Tool Is Simple Genius

Tools make our lives easier. Except when they don’t. Case in point? Tape measures. Bulky and cumbersome, they’re never by our sides when we need them, and rigid rulers can’t handle curved surfaces. Enter the Rollbe, a coin-sized measuring tool that clips to your key chain.

Rollbe is essentially a tiny wheel that lets you measure lengths based on how many times it rotates. The design riffs on a tool surveyors use to measure really long distances. One full rotation on the smaller size is four inches, and it’s eight inches on the larger size.

[Photo: courtesy Rollbe]
While you probably won’t want to measure the square footage of your living room with this pocket-sized tool, it’s handy for things like measuring packages, furniture, and anything with a curve.

Shipping is scheduled for November 2017. Back the Kickstarter here.