These CNC-Milled Sculptures Are Actually Delicious Pastries

Talk about eye candy. Former architect-turned-pastry chef Dinara Kasko uses the tools of her previous trade–like 3D printers and CNC machines–to conjure edible structures out of frosting and sugar.

[Photo: courtesy Dinara Kasko]
Her latest pastries are called Geometrical Kinetic Tarts, which appear to change shape as you move around them. She teamed up with the artist José Margulis, who makes sculptures that morph depending on your perspective, to create edible works of art in the same vein. Her tarts in the series are all topped with thin, vertical pieces of chocolate based on the drawings Margulis uses to make his kinetic sculptures. When you walk around one of Kasko’s creations, the shadows and light play tricks on your eyes, making the color and even the shapes of the cake appear to shift.

One tart, made of streusel, almond sponge cake, cherry confit, and yogurt mousse, is topped with geometrically angled vertical chocolate slices with different heights and angles. As the piece is rotated, hills and valleys of chocolate emerge and disappear–as it will eventually disappear into some lucky person’s stomach.

Check out the rest of Kasko’s gorgeous architectural pastries on her website and Instagram.KS