A Brilliantly Simple Solution For Organizing Pantone Color Chips

Pantone‘s chip books are the bible of color for most graphic designers–an indispensable guide to finding the perfect colors. Designers often rip out individual color chips to create mood boards that inform the entire look and feel of a project.

[Photo: Chip Slip]
But what to do with the ripped-out chips? Instead of taping them back in place or storing them in disorganized envelopes for safekeeping, as many Pantone users do, designer Jesse Reed came up with a custom solution: vinyl pockets perfectly sized for the chips that clip right into Pantone binders.

Reed originally launched the Chip Slip in 2011 and mostly sold it through word of mouth. This year Pantone picked up the idea, gave the product its seal of approval (and its logo), and is now including the slip in all new color chip books. 10-packs of replacement sheets are also available on for $30.DB