The History Of Hip-Hop, Ingeniously Mapped Like Turntable Circuitry

Hip-hop’s evolution is so rich that it makes the perfect subject for information designers. How better to prove, once and for all, who has the best vocabulary, who has the most unique lines, and which regions produce the most stars?

[Photo: Dorothy]

Dorothy–a London-based maker of music-inspired prints–just launched a new poster that dives into the history of hip-hop. The designers tell the story by showing connections between 700 artists and mapping them out like a turntable’s circuit diagram, paying homage to the technology that enabled hip-hop and the most influential artists to shape the genre.

“We wanted to show this incredible flow of creative energy and how everything is connected, so the circuit board allows us to show how if many individual elements are connected in the right way it can make something incredible happen,” Jim Quail, a partner at Dorothy, says.

Find the Hip-Hop Love Blueprint on for about $46.