7 Of The World’s Most Innovative Bridges

Judith Dupre loves bridges so much that she became an expert on them 20 years ago. At the time, she wrote and published Bridges to document and celebrate the happiest of constructions–the very structure that enables people to connect effortlessly across gorges, rivers, and even seas. Now, a new 20th-anniversary edition updates her old compendium with full color printing plus new photographs and diagrams, and a new oversized format. It’s a beautiful book and she has selected her seven favorite bridges for us.

[Image: Black Dog & Leventhal]
“Bridges are pure structure,” the author, who has also written a book about skyscrapers, told us over email, “demanding nothing more or less than what’s needed to cross a river or a mountainous gorge. Yet new spans are proving that bridges can be much more than merely utilitarian.”

The bridges she selected here “mine the past and the future to enhance the environment and local economies,” she writes. They are also “also visual landmarks, delighting the public with their practical but unique shapes and spectacular lighting programs. At the same time, ancient typologies, such as footbridges and drawbridges, have been updated for the 21st century, literally saving lives as well as commuting time.” Check out the slideshow for details.