Learn How To Design The Way For $35

At, a good process is key to good design. Through creative exercises–like prompts inviting you to discuss stories from your childhood–the social-impact nonprofit believes it can come up with new ideas, glean inspiration from unexpected sources, build empathy, and understand problems and solutions more clearly. For example, has used this process to help develop solutions for the refugee crisis. Now, the organization has a new tool to help more people think creatively: The Design Kit Travel Pack.

[Photo: courtesy Ideo]
Recently launched on Kickstarter, the Design Kit Travel Pack is a deck of 32 cards printed with’s creative exercise prompts. The deck riffs on the organization’s Design Kit–a series of books, online courses, and facilitator guides people can use to learn more about, and lead, design-driven problem solving approaches–but translates those concepts into more accessible activities that can be done on the fly. Feedback about the Design Kit revealed that users wanted something that they could use in short workshops, that had more examples that connected to challenging situations in everyday life, and that could be brought with them anywhere. The exercises in the travel pack include learning teamwork by designing a flag in 10 minutes and figuring out what impact a successful project would ideally have by imagining future newspaper headlines about it.

“These exercises can be mixed and matched to suit any situation from New York City to Nairobi–whether you’re looking to kick off a team meeting with a dash of collaboration or embark on a monthlong design process,” writes on its Kickstarter. The Design Kit Travel Pack ($35) is expected to ship in May 2018.  For more visit