Can You Spot The 30 Famous Buildings Hidden In This Mega Model?

How well do you know the Villa Savoye from the Katsura Imperial Villa? The Parthenon from the Pergamon? If you think you’ve got Austin Rogers levels of knowledge on architectural trivia, Memories of Architecture is the puzzle for you.

Fumio Matsumo, a project professor at the University of Tokyo’s University Museum, created a 3D-printed model composed of the defining architectural features from 30 famous structures dating from ancient Egypt to the present day. He’s stacked the elements so the model reads like a chronological timeline as you move from its base to its top.

[Image: Fumio Matsumoto/University of Tokyo]
“While it is not a comprehensive overview of architectural history, it does illustrate some significant trends over time, such as the shift from massive to minute forms and from enclosed to open spaces,” Matsumoto writes in a release about the project.

If you need a few hints: Look closely for the arched spans of the Pont du Gard, a Roman aqueduct built in France in 4 BC.; the vaults of Notre Dame, a Gothic cathedral built in the 13th century; and the gridded glass of the Bauhaus’s Dessau campus, built in 1925. Have a look at the images in the slide show above and test your knowledge. And if you must look at an answer key, find it here.