These Decaying Social Media Logos Are The Perfect Metaphor For 2018

For some, these decaying logos seem like a reminder of how current internet behemoths like Google and Facebook are destined to fail. But according to the author behind the images, Romanian CGI artist Andrei Lacatusu, they aren’t a metaphor for these corporations specifically–but our minds. Lacatusu told me over email that his intention was not to state that these companies will eventually fall, but to symbolize “the decay of society itself.” Every age has its own form of decadence, he says, and social platforms are today’s scourge.

[Image: Andrei Lacatusu]

Those are dramatic words, but indeed, social media is carefully designed to feed on our need for instant satisfaction and self-validation. And even some of its creators, including a former Facebook executive, admit that it’s making us less empathic and less intelligent–and deeply affecting the psyche and self-perception of users. 

So, yes. In case it wasn’t clear, I agree with Andrei. These scenes of brand names, decaying somewhere in the desert, are a perfect reflection of our rotting minds.JD