This Slap Bracelet Sticky Note Is Totally Radical, Dude

In moments of desperation, we’ve all jotted a note right on our hand. So why don’t we have a way to take notes that is just as convenient in a pinch?

Wemo, or “wearable memo,” is like a reusable sticky note that lives on your wrist. Highlighted by Design Milk, you can write on its silicone surface with a ballpoint pen and your note will stay–even underwater–until you wipe the ink away with your thumb. And while we can’t tell if you literally snap it on like the old, 1980s slap bracelets, it certainly embraces the aesthetic all the same.

[Photo: Wemo]
The product was inspired when its designer at Kenma saw a nurse write a note on her arm, and indeed, it’s easy to imagine all of the moments that a Wemo would beat some list on your smartphone. In particular, I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten sick of pulling my phone from my pocket to consult my Notes app as I fill my cart at the grocery store–and ultimately forgotten one of its crucial items before checking out. But any reminder that would be worthy of owning a smartwatch could probably be performed just as easily via this little strip of material and some ink, which is pretty hilarious when you think about it. Plus, with its built-in ruler, Wemo allows you to measure small items, too.

If you’re interested, the Wemo is sold in Japan, but it’s actually available on Amazon for about $11.MW