This Artist Turns Puddles Into Magical Sculptures

Jeffrey Michael Austin loves puddles. Not to jump in them while singing and dancing Gene Kelly-style, but as natural frames for the reflections they capture after a rainy day. Slices of skies, the branches of trees, the interesting facade of a building–Austin has long photographed these grounded portals to the world above. like the one below. One day, he decided to do something different: To make puddles that reflect things that don’t exist.

In an email, Jeffrey told me that he uses printed photographs and polyester resin to create his synthetic puddles. He also incorporates pieces of real debris–like paper cups, glasses, or random bits of trash–to make the illusions more realistic. Then, he places them in a mundane place and photographs them.

In his creations, Jeffrey doesn’t stop at simulating the reflection of skies from this planet but also plays with surreal elements, like space scenes. Those illusions are the most interesting to me, as they remind me of portals into new dimensions.

[Photo: Jeffrey Michael Austin]
When I see this bucket spilling the reflection of a nebula, I want to jump inside and fly through the stars. You can follow Jeffrey’s work on his website and Instagram account.JD