Peek Inside NYC’s New Interactive Spy Museum

Spyscape, the 60,000 square-foot homage to spycraft located in Midtown Manhattan and designed by Adjaye Associates, is now open for business. And judging by these first images of the finished space, it looks every bit as techie-spooky-cool as we hoped, like an Edward Snowden nightmare crossed with a Chuck E Cheese party.

[Photo: Scott Frances/Spyscape]
$39 ticket to the new museum takes you through interactive exhibits in lie detection and code-breaking. You can even twist and crawl your way through a laser maze, pretending that you’re the lovable antihero in some 1990s bank heist film. But truth be told, even just walking through the space looks like a delight, given that it has the concrete-tomb-meets-glowy-screen vibe of a James Bond set.

Just try to remind yourself that the museum has taken quite a bit of artistic license on what spying really looks like. And many of those secret agents, as menacing as they might seem, are really are working on your–or your government’s–behalf.MW