Ikea Wants To Outfit Your Next House Party

Ikea is ready to turn. It. Üp. The Swedish furniture giant has partnered with the experimental music company Teenage Engineering to create a line of portable speakers and LED lights that makes it dead simple to throw a party anywhere.

The collection, called “FREKVENS,” which translates to “frequency,” was announced last summer and will be out in about a year. This February, the team showed off prototypes of the collection at an Ikea event in Spain.

The company is working with Teenage Engineering’s cofounder Jesper Kouthoofd–brought in for his partying (and music) expertise–to design objects that help you create a party wherever you happen to be, whether that’s at home or on the go. The sneak peek reveals colorful speakers that appear to be modular, as well as portable lamps. It’s unclear from the pictures whether they’re strobe lights or how they manage to set the party mood.  According to Kouthoofd, the team has been prototyping more than 20 products. Ikea says these may include a vinyl player, an electronic choir, and party lighting–everything you might need to get the party started.

Speakers aren’t too far outside of Ikea’s wheelhouse, especially as the company begins to move more and more into smart-home products and other types of electronics. The company has also partnered with Sonos for another music-related collection coming in 2019.KS