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Innovation By Design

Entries Are Closed For Our Design Awards. Check Back Next Year!

We’re trying to give designers exposure to entrepreneurs and innovators looking to hire the right talent.

Entries Are Closed For Our Design Awards. Check Back Next Year!

Designers have usually inhabited a ghetto. Granted, it was a nice ghetto, filled with fancy furniture and sleek desk accessories. But it was a ghetto nonetheless. That’s a shame, and it’s not fair to the designers. Pick almost any of the most admired companies today. Their success probably owes a lot to design, or design thinking.

That’s exactly why we created the Innovation By Design Awards. We wanted to give designers a platform for showing off their outsize impact on business. We’re doing it by using Fast Company and Co.Design to publicize the competition finalists.

That means that unlike virtually any other design competition, this doesn’t just give designers a chance to brag to other designers. Rather, it gives them the chance to show off their work in front of a savvy audience of businessmen and entrepreneurs looking for new talent, and new approaches to innovation. And they’ll be judged by some of the smartest, most well-connected design influencers in the world, ranging from Nicholas Felton to Tony Fadell to Paola Antonelli.

So if you’ve designed something brilliant and innovative, why wouldn’t you enter?

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