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Carmel Place

2016 Winner for Spaces, Places, Cities

Prefab systems have long been touted, in some form, as the future of architecture; the promise of cheaper, faster, and more efficient construction methods makes the processes seem ideal, but scaling up from small single-family homes—the most common option on the market—has been slightly slow to catch on. In Manhattan, where real estate is precious and space is at a premium, Carmel Place offers an innovative take on urban development. Brooklyn-based firm nArchitects won a competition to design the city's first micro-units development. Carmel Place includes 55 residential micro-units with an average size of 300 square feet. Each of these individual modules were produced off-site, then transported and stacked in place. Shared amenities like a gym and public roof terrace make smart use of communal space, while luxuriously decorated interiors and 10-foot ceilings prevent these homes from feeling too cramped.