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Forgotten Infographic Masterpieces by W.E.B. DuBois’s Students Show Black HistoryThe World’s Most Complex Architecture: Cardboard Columns With 16 Million FacetsA High-Design Hotel Catering to Corporate Types [Slideshow]Reinventing Doorknobs and Lamps via “Squishy Design”Infographic of the Day: An Internet Timeline of the Egyptian UprisingBMW Designs a Cancer-Fighting Machine That Isn’t Scary“Reactable” iPad App Turns Music Making Into Child’s PlayTiny Smart Cars Get Sexy With a Topless RedesignAn Office Where Everyone Gets to Be a Space Cadet [Slideshow]Wanted: 3-D Printed High Heels Are Disco Balls for Your Feet [Video]Tara Donovan’s Brilliant Drawings Made of Thousands of Pins [Slideshow]A Pop-Up Store Made of Pantyhose (Yes, Pantyhose) [Slideshow]Infographic of the Day: The World Lives On FacebookFinally, a Solution to the Lost-Sock Problem [Video]A Transparent Bank Designed for Financial IdealismThe Frumpy Oscar Envelope Gets a Hollywood Makeover3-D Printing Brings Citroën’s Video Game Supercar to LifeAmerican Retail Brands Are All Starting to Look the SameA Virtual Community That’s Defining the Future of a Physical OneInfographic of the Day: Google Charts What Your Taxes Pay ForPhotos That Capture the Piercing Looks We Give Ourselves11 of the Most Important Digital Fonts Ever Created [Slideshow]A Clever 3-D Racetrack for Hilly RunsHundreds of Tourist Pics Are Mashed Into Monet-Like Photo Collages [Slideshow]Matali Crasset Unveils Gorgeous Desert Resort in TunisiaStem Cell Research Center Feels Like a Mountaintop Hideout [Slideshow]Infographic of the Day: Pennant, an iPad App for Relishing Baseball StatsDror’s Folding Concrete Block Could Change How We Build [Video]Wanted: A Fancy Turntable That’s Retro FuturisticA New Design Movement That Can Help Us Beat ObesityHow We’re Botching Our Attempts to Redesign the Health Care SystemAuthenticity Is King Because Branding Bores EveryoneThree Brands That Evolved Without Going NutsQuora on Designing an Organization That Designs Better Products