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Dresses Breathe And Glow In Response To Environment [Videos]Almost Genius: Strap-On Urinals For Peeing In Public (Legally).PSLAB Creates Magic Outdoor Lighting For Rooftop Bar In BeirutSimple Genius: A Lid That Pours Coffee And Tea, Drip-FreeShould Robots Really Become Human-Like? What If They Sweated? Bots Tweet And Post As You, Freeing You UpWomen Are 85% Of The Consumer Market. But How Do You Reach Them?Introducing Smart Design’s Femme Den Series On Gender And A Brilliant Data-Viz Idea That Solves Twitter’s Biggest ProblemDesign Fictions: An EEG Cap To Turn Your Thoughts Into Ambient Noise“Impactor” Turns Industrial Design Into Death-Defying StuntRogers Marvel Wins Competition To Revamp White House ParkFineo Creates Tufte-Worthy Diagrams With Just A Few ClicksSchool Furniture Designed To Help Fidgety Kids ConcentrateA Minimal, Futuristic Library. And — Gasp — It’s Got Books!A House That’s Business In Front, A Party In Back“Animation Hotline” Visualizes Voicemails as Hand-Drawn Short FilmsInfographic Of The Day: Why Your Stitches Cost $1,500For U.S.’s First Gay-Focused Hotel Chain, A Fabulous Miami FlagshipIf M.C. Escher Was A Type Designer, This Is What He’d MakeGoBug, A Robot Toy Designed To Help Autistic Kids ConnectOptocoupler: A Sci-Fi Meditation Chamber For Your HeadAn Ex-Pixar Designer Creates Astounding Kids’ Book On iPadFormafantasma Creates A Symbol Of Italy’s Rural Past That You Can Sit OnBeer Geeks Create The Brauler, A Suit Of Armor For High-End BrewsMurray Moss And Ralph Pucci On The Business Of Taste-Making [Video]Wanted: Bodum’s Fyrkat, A Colorful Portable GrillAre The French Still Any Good At Design? Mais Oui!Genius Marketing: Artsy Animated GIFs Show Beer-Making ProcessA Hair Salon For Dudes With Complicated Hair, Minimalist TastePoetic Art Installation Harnesses The Blistering Texas Sun [Video]Video Shows Ladies That Too Much Makeup Is GrossHow Chris Burden Created Metropolis II, A Tiny City Where 1,100 Toy Cars ZoomA Euro Makeover For A Redoubt Of Connecticut WASP CultureBERG Designs Comic Where Subtexts Shine Under UV LightUsing Flickr, App Calculates Exact Color Of Rage And JealousyA Living Room Set Made Of A Half Ton Of Broken GlassAllsteel’s New Office Furniture Promotes Casual Interactions, To Spark BrainstormsInfographic Of The Day: How Twitter Exposes Google’s LimitsNosigner Turns 3-D Map Of Moon Into A Luminous LampInfographic Of The Day: A Tour Guide To Collaborative Consumption