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Ex-Apple Designer Creates Teaching UI That “Kills Math” Using Data VizA Hair Dryer That Speaks Volumes About Current Design ProblemsLong-Exposure Pics Turn Toyota Factory Into Action PaintingBIG’s Plan For A Stockholm Freeway Looks Like 1970s Sci-FiNicos Livesey’s Insane Stop-Motion Videos Use Colored ClayCrazy Accurate 8-Bit Portraits Of GOP’s Presidential CandidatesHigh-Tech Couture Made Without Any Stitches Or CutsA Dining Experience That Aids The Elderly Suffering DementiaInfographic Of The Day: iPhone GPS Data Looks Like Glowing FirefliesNendo’s Newest Lamps Are Glowing Maki Sushi Rolls (But Classy!)Etnies Founder Builds A Dream House Whose Interior Is A Skate ParkHow The Ugliness Of Google Reader Spawned A Booming StartupInfographic Of The Day: When Do Criminals Prowl The Streets?Stereo Speakers Made Of Concrete Weigh 123 PoundsDesigned For Health? The Hospital As Boutique Hotel3-D Prints Of Vocal Chords Let Extinct Mammoths Roar AgainJawbone Announces Up, A Wristband To Track Health, Fight ObesityTattly: Temporary Tattoos With Hard-Core Design CredHere’s Why Leica Lenses Are So Damn Expensive [Video]Nendo’s Crushingly Cute Mouse Has Detachable USB TailAkiko Ikeuchi Spins A Spidery Silk Vortex That Floats In AirA Lamp Modeled On Leaves, Grown In A ComputerZim & Zou Build Replica Game Boys And Walkmen, Out Of PaperSmart Design: Why Girly Designs Directed At Women Often BackfireDesign Crime: Trimit Butchers Text Into Snippets, Making Plagiarism EasierA Couture Dress Made Without A Single Stitch Or CutMurray Moss And Ralph Pucci On The Business Of Taste-Making [Video]Murray Moss And Ralph Pucci On The Business Of Taste-Making [Video]Worst-Case Scenario: A Proposal for Chicago’s Convention CenterDesign Fictions: An Arena Where Simulated Apocalypses Are EntertainmentHigh-Speed Pics Of Exploding Balloons Protest Education’s Sorry StateWanted: A Bendable, Infinitely Adjustable Stand For iPhone And iPadSneakerology, A Sneaker Store Where Kicks Get Museum TreatmentThomas Phifer Builds A Dream House Filled With Air and Light [Slideshow]Infographic Of The Day: Using Twitter And Flickr Geotags To Map The WorldUI Design: An All-American Product That’s Changing The WorldStudent Invents Portable Nursing Kit, For 21st Century House Calls [Video]Student Builds Machine That Turns Art-School Waste Into Pencils [Video]Better Than A Pillow Mint: Ace Hotel and Google Create “Virtual Concierge”The World’s First 3-D Chocolate PrinterWanted: A Sexier Wristband For iPod Nano, By IncaseInfographic Of The Day: Cellphone Calls Reveal The United States’s Invisible Ties