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Wanted: Sinch, A Magnetic Cord Clasp For Your SmartphoneInfographic: How Scientific Ideas Flow Around The WorldA Proposal For Radically Redesigning Airport TerminalsA Prosthetic Limb That Lets Amputees Ride BikesA Big Dollhouse That Doubles As Even Bigger StorageInfographic Of The Day: Kurt Vonnegut Maps Out The Shape Of Stories [Video]Artist Transforms Action Films Into Action Paintings [Videos]A Cafe Constructed Entirely Of Plywood RibsTokujin Yoshioka Turns Cartier Watches Into Op ArtBellstrike Lets Nonprofits Design Their Own Websites, InstantlyHere’s A Two-Story Building Made Of Hammocks [Video]Infographic Of The Day: Picture Bios Of Jesus, Darth Vader, HitlerMarije Vogelzang Reinvents The Ritual Of EatingIn Taiwan, A Stunning Bamboo Pavilion With A Potent Eco MessageInfographic Of The Day: How Our Students Stack Up Against The WorldHaunting Photographs From The Valley Of Foreclosed HomesDavid Byrne To Build Giant Inflatable Globe At The High LineA Giant Technicolor Carpet That Mirrors A MuseumChina Knows It Must Innovate. But Can It?How Tumblr Created A Design Culture With No Design TeamWhen Is The Right Time For A Product Redesign?Wanted: OXO’s Good Grips Egg BeaterStem Vacuum Cuts Energy Use By 43%, By Being Just Powerful EnoughIconathon Lets Regular Joes Design Icons For City ProblemsAn App That Can Generate Infinite Bedtime StoriesThis Basket Weaves Itself Based On How Many People Are WatchingA1 Creates A Modern Loft That Also Feels HomeyGimme Bar, An App That Lets You Clip And Save Anything On The WebA Montana Retreat Whose Walls Are Made Of FirewoodDelaney Allen’s Photos Make Magic From Mist And Smoke