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A Bold New Look For SF Art Museum, In Jittery Economic TimesA Tripod-On-Skates Lets Amateurs Pull Off Hollywood-Quality Camera MovesChris Ware’s iPad-Only Comic, “Touch Sensitive,” Perfects The Form“Deleted City” Visualizes GeoCities Archive As An Actual CityscapeFor $25, Quarterly.Co Delivers Designer-Curated GiftsArtist’s Wind Machine Inflates A Parachute, Blares As Loud As An Oncoming TrainInfographic Of The Day: Why Your Fundraiser Is Inherently RacistFrom Snøhetta, A Stunning Nature Pavilion That Evokes Eroded RockHonoring Richard Barnes, Photographer Of Taxidermy And The Unabomber CabinPaper-Cut-Project Sculpts Gravity-Defying Wigs Out Of PaperThanks, Global Warming! Sweden To Build World’s Wildest Indoor Ski ParkStudent, 22, Founds Company Selling On-Demand, 3-D Printed EyewearThree Keys That Make Good Interaction Design GreatMade By Hand: Films Celebrating The Return Of Artisanal DesignCelebrating Studio Job, The Goofy Mavericks Of Design-ArtA “Typewriter” That Mixes Cocktails At The Push Of Keys [Video]A Music Video Shows The Hell Of Falling Down An Escalator, ForeverAlmost Genius: BP Tries To Build “Sustainable” Office For Rotterdam RefineryInfographic Of The Day: The Internet Really Is A Series Of TubesTacky And Terrific: A Building Shaped Like An Impaled HeadFallingwater Turns 75. How Is It Still Standing?!How Congress Is Turning America Into ChinaAn Office Chair With Built-In Video Instruction ManualThe Secret To Apple’s Long-Term Success? It Always Prepares You For The FutureInfographic Of The Day: Taking The “Visual Fingerprints” Of Famous FilmsA Collection Of Objects That Reinterpret Ancient Funeral RitesThis Is What Art Made Of Infinite Reflections Looks LikeInfographic Of The Day: The Biggest Cliches Of Web InfographicsIn Germany, Adidas Shows What Shoelaces Would Look Like As ArchitectureDesigner Embarks On 27-Year Project To Rebrand The 10,000 LakesFor Sennheiser, A Turntable Made Of Recyclable PartsDutch Firm To Build An Urban Park That Doubles As A FarmIBM Puts On A Big Data Viz Show, Streaming Real-Time Data About NYCSometimes A Brand Isn’t Worth Saving. Here’s How To TellFuseproject Tries To Design The Perfect Bike For Hauling StuffInfographic Of The Day: The Formula For Keeping An Online Comic AliveDo Ho Suh Recreates His Previous Homes, In Painstaking MiniatureAn Opera About A Phantom Train, Set In Abandoned Rail StationsA “Living” Logo For Wikipedia, With More Than 3.2 Million VariationsA Fashion Line’s Old-World Branding Evokes Bygone Glamour