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We’re All Vegas: A New Film Dives Into Our Water CrisisScanwiches, A Visual Guide To Creating Masterful Mufalettas And Luscious Lobster RollsWanted: The Cheap, 35mm Movie Camera Lives Again, With LomoKinoExhibit Reveals A Famed Architect’s Oddball Inspiration: Security EnvelopesIn Berlin, Foscarini Installs Luminous Sculptures In Former Airplane HangarsInfographic Of The Day: The Many Languages Of TwitterSecret Satellites And Spy Stations: The Hidden Architecture Of FearA New App Delivers Dog Photos When You Need A Dose Of CuteWith Bedsider, IDEO Aims To Curb Unplanned Pregnancy Using Videos, Smartphones, And SassStefanie Posavec On Her Handmade Charts Of Famous NovelsDid Arne Jacobsen Come Up With The Idea For A Flatscreen TV?Aïmago Medical Tablet Diagnoses Burn Victims With LasersA Magazine Cover Inspired By Bucky Fuller Highlights The Feel Of PaperHow Vanity Presses Can Use Good Design To Boost BusinessA Look Back At The Groundbreaking Drug Ads Of 50 Years AgoPaul Romer On Honduras’s Charter CitiesInfographic Of The Day: The Insane Choices You Face At The DrugstoreImproving Slowly? Meh. Here Are 3 Keys To Making Giant Leaps In Product DevAnd Why Shouldn’t You Have A Swank Gadget For Keeping Bees At Home?One Transportation App To Rule Them AllAngle, A Clever Concept For Making Bluetooth Headsets SmarterLOL: Newspaper Industry Aims To Save Itself With Hideous Print AdsWhat A Pearl: Low-Cost, Iridescent Music Center Opens In SpainFinally, Led Zeppelin Inspires A Heavenly StairwayReal-Time Traffic Updates From Tracking Our PhonesA Mid-Air, 3-D Sketch Of A Living Room, Rendered With WoolInfographic Of The Day: Bloomberg And Frog Turn Raw Data Into Branding7 Steps For Creating Disruptive New Retail ExperiencesSmaller Than Your Living Room: 7 Of The World’s Best Nano HousesSign Of The Times: A Table That Hides Your Work, At The Press Of A ButtonObscura Digital’s Stunning Headquarters Mix Techno Chic And Cali WoodsinessGary Hustwit, Director Of “Urbanized,” On Solving America’s Big-City ProblemsIs Google’s “Survey Wall” Experiment Brilliant or Evil?Avería, A Free Typeface Made By Averaging 725 Fonts TogetherInfographic Posters Reduce Huge Philosophical Ideas To Shapes And ColorsAn Electric Bike That Hauls Cargo, And Doesn’t Look Like A Dork MobileInfographic Of The Day: The Incredible Power Of StumbleUponA London Village Built On The Principles Of IkeaIn The Future, We Will All Live In EcodistrictsA Spooky Chair Whose “Heart” Races When A Sitter NearsExhibition Tweaks Our Common Notions Of A Well-Designed HomeFormer “Seasteaders” Come Ashore To Start Libertarian Utopias In Honduran JungleHow “The Email Game” Improved Its UI, To Make Your Inbox Less HellishInfographic: If 7 Billion People Lived In One City, How Big Would It Be?Redesigning Monopoly, Clue, And The Ouija Board To Evoke A Bygone EraPhilips’s New Kitchen Concept Gathers Energy From PooGorilla Marketing: A Hypercolor Ape Reveals Hidden Meanings When TouchedA Pop-Up Greenhouse Could Bring Farm-Fresh Food To Food DesertsSlutty Halloween Costumes: A Cultural HistoryReading “Steve Jobs”: The Upside Of Unreasonable Demands