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Can The End Of Military Bases Mean The Start Of New Public Spaces?Infamous Literary Characters Illustrated As Police SketchesReturn of the Jedi, Retold In IconsDeepRoot: A New Solution For Saving Cities Money By Planting TreesTiny Story: A Short Film About The Fundamentals of Narrative Design10 Objects Designed To Tug At Your EmotionsThe Secrets Of The Happiest Countries In The WorldWatch A Working Robot Hand Made From LegosA Video Spotlights The Heavily Designed Soundscape All Around Us3 Ways To Predict What Consumers Want Before They Know ItWith A Modular Backrest, Läufer + Keichel Create Three Chairs Using A Single BaseGigantic Robot Arm Visualizes Music As Wax Sculptures4 Vases Reduced To Their Barest EssentialsA 3-D Typeface That Morphs Into Every Letter Of The AlphabetA Light Installation Turns Chicago’s “Bean” Into A Gigantic Disco BallLinx: A Connector That Turns Drinking Straws Into An Infinite Building SystemCharting The Social Bonds That Power Y Combinator’s Innovation EngineWolff Olins Offers Branding Lessons For Would-Be Game ChangersA Fractal A Day Offers 365 Snippet Of InfinityNL Architects Reimagines What Hotels Can Be, With 3-D Bridge SystemDesign’s Next Frontier: Nudging Consumers Into Making Better Life Choices4 Elements That Make A Good User Experience Into Something GreatLook Closer, And That Mona Lisa’s Made From Thousands Of DoodlesWatch As 300,000 Norwegians Move Across The Globe Like Ballistic MissilesAn Open-Plan Office With A “Monastery” For Quiet ReflectionMeet Jerry Manock, Apple’s Very First DesignerStreet Bump: An App That Automatically Tells The City When You Drive Over Potholes2 GE Infographics Offer Hints About The Future Of Data-Driven ManagementRimino, A Radical Concept For The Future Of Mobile ComputingFor A Dutch Park Expansion, A Magical Star-Shaped MazeCommunity Revival: How Technology Is Reconstructing Our Shared LivesEverything Goes With Jell-O, Including Modern DesignYum! Experimental Chefs Capture The Taste Of SmogNo Joke: Hyper-Chic Vases Made From Bathroom CountertopsA Famous Inventor’s Forgotten Idea: A One-Handed Touch-Screen KeyboardV-Day Special: Penguin Reissues Kama Sutra With Racy, Classy Cover ArtFinally, A Key Ring That Won’t Kill Your FingertipsHabu Android App Creates A Playlist For Your Every MoodWanna Manage The Innovation Process? Focus On Planning Scenarios, Not Fighting FiresLooking To Hire And Keep Great Innovators? Focus On The 3 RsBIG’s Log Cabin For The 21st Century Twists Like A Jenga StackA Spider Web Spun With 12.5 Miles Of YarnA Chair Cover You Can Pull Off Like A Pantsuit, Thanks To Complex 3-D KnittingiPad App Turns Venn Diagrams Into A Musical InstrumentAt New Pizza Chain, Jamie Oliver Creates A Chuck E. Cheese For Hip LocavoresIndoor UFOs? Nope, Just Magically Simple Sculptures From TroikaFor V-Day, BIG Gives NYC A Huge Heart In Times SquareWill iPads Replace Textbooks? Not So Fast [Infographic]Lifestyle Mirror: A Clickable Fashion Mag Shows What Vogue Could Be