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After 30 Years Away, A Midcentury Master Returns To DesignA Cafe Where You Can Ride Your Bike On The RoofThese Rings Are Infographics Showing The Sounds You Hear At CartierInfographic: Here’s Every Avenger That Marvel Ever InventedThe Week That Was: Levitation At MIT, White Lies At Instagram, And Alcoholic MistSomething Designed By Karim Rashid That We Actually LoveAudio-Powered City Map Enables Geolocated EavesdroppingInfographic: Facebook’s Rocket Ride To A $100 Billion IPO, Depicted Using TimelineI Bought You These Flowers, But They Exploded In The Most Amazing WayiPad App Retells Frankenstein, And Hints At The Future Of E-BooksInfographic: Soldier Deaths In Iraq Paint A Tattered American FlagThis Gizmo Lets You Draw A UI On Paper, Then Turns It Into A Touch ScreenHere’s Some Finger Paintings Made By An AdultPara Clocks Are Like Spirographs Made Of ConcreteFormer D&D Gaming Guru Ditches Dice, And Creates Magic Wand With BluetoothVimeo Co-founder Starts, An Online, Social Scrapbook For KidsAn Incredible House Built Around A Growing TreeAn Urban Oasis: Street Signs That Charge Our GadgetsAn LED Lamp That Pops Up From A Single Circuit BoardAn Insider’s View On Instagram’s True Value To FacebookA Philips Exec Shares The Keys To An Improbable, Design-Led TurnaroundResearchers Glean Deep UI Lessons From A Haptic Steering WheelPortraits Painted Using DNA Traces From The SubjectsA Dark Vision Of A World Where Being A Girl Is A DiseaseMIT Creates Amazing UI From Levitating OrbsApp Leads You To The Perfect Spots For Urban SunbathingHandspun Metal Lamps That Reclaim A Dying CraftWindows 8 Schools Google Chrome In Building A Great User ExperienceInfographic: The Rise Of Tumblr’s “Fuck Yeah!” MovementA Bill-Splitting App For Cheapskates, Invented By College Kids (Of Course)A Simulated Journey To Mars, Where You Can Chat Up The AstronautsHow London’s Tallest Building Keeps People Safe From The WorstWhy Aren’t We All Working In Outdoor Offices Like These?This Dead-Simple Idea Could Fix iPad’s Lousy TypingWhy We Need Biophilic CitiesWhat Makes A Happy City?FatFonts: Ingenious Digits That Grow Fatter With Value, Making Numbers IntuitiveThe 3 White Lies Behind Instagram’s Lightning SpeedKickstarting: The CapsulePen Makes Pill Popping Easier And Less EmbarrassingWait. Why Is Nike Making Clothes For An Artist Who Skewers Branding?Big Bloom, A Magnifying Vase That Supersizes Your Flowers70 Experiments In Redesigning The First Page Of “Great Expectations” For Poetic Impact11 Brainy Artworks That Toy With Typography And The Limits Of LanguageInfographic: Surprise! Congress Has Almost No Independent ThinkersWatch: Vibrating Suit Teaches Gymnasts About Perfect Body PostureBold Branding Sexes Up World’s Most Boring JobPlinko Game Creates Poetry Using Tweets From Fox News And NYTOMG This Exists: Inhalable Alcohol Gives An Instant BuzzIn Innovation Today, The Smartest Companies Collaborate With EnemiesA Faceted Watch That Began As An Experiment In Paper FoldingVote Now For Your Favorite, In Our Porsche Next Design ChallengeWhat OCD Looks Like: Micro-Collages Made From Thousands Of Paper BitsArtist Hacks 5 Life Support Machines, So They All Keep Each Other AliveA Nightlight That Teaches Kids To Love Solar PowerMIT Hacks An Ikea Chair, Turns It Into A Bristly BeastMIDIWriter App Makes Music-Making As Simple As TextingA Living Sculpture That Mimics Your Body Movements In LightA Dynamic Data Viz Of Bike Use In A 24-Hour PeriodSingapore Is On Its Way To Becoming An Iconic Smart CityMillennials Don’t Think Like Their Parents. How Do You Design For Them?Infographic: When The Lights Go Out, The World Eats Junk