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A Vest That Hugs You When You Get Social Media LoveFly Over The Earth, Using The Eyes Of God (OK, The ISS)A Gatehouse That Reflects Light Like A Cat’s EyeA Smartphone Charging Cable That’s Also A Flexible Dock And TripodSeductive Cedar Sculptures That Arrive With Heaps Of SplintersHyperreal Architectural Paintings Examine Mies’s LegacyHacking A Classic Casio Watch To Turn It Into Wearable ArtDiscarded Plastic Bottles Reborn As High-Design Porcelain KeepsakesA Phone-Controlled Lock That’s Good Enough, Instead Of PerfectToast: An App That Guarantees A Good Gift Every TimePentagram Rebrands Competitive Chess, With A Spiffy 3-D LogoA Skyscraper That Scrubs The Air CleanWhy James Dyson Invested $8,000,000 In A Student IncubatorDress, Bed, Or Wall Hanging? Andrea Zittel’s Cerebral Textiles+Pool, A Floating Pool For NYC’s East River, Plans A 2015 OpeningA Brunch Set Designed To Banish NeurosesThe World’s Most Advanced Satellites, As Wooden ToysThe Hövding, A $600 Air Bag For Your Head, Is For SaleWatch: 14 Acoustic Guitars, Plucked By A ComputerLet’s Redesign The Presidential Debates, By Modeling Them On The NFLA Prefab Vertical Gym For Urban SlumsKickstarting: A 3-D Printer For Designers, By DesignersPantone Introduces Color Swatches Based On Real Skin TonesFamous Inspirational Quotes, As Abstract Animated GIFsA Radical Police Rebranding That Starts With A Superb Website10 Artists Who Riff On Light As A Raw MaterialWhat Digital Designers Can Learn From A Master Motorcycle BuilderDoug Aitken Delves Into Land Art For A Digital WorldBuy Yourself As An Adorable Paper Doll, For $12This Might Be The World’s Best Designed Water BottleInfographic: Charting The Entire Story Of “Lost”Infographic: Mapping The 70-Year Gestation Of Street ArtPeapod Creates Virtual Grocery Aisles For Subway StopsAs France’s Culture Wars Simmer, The Louvre Unveils New Islamic Art WingThe New SimCity Will Turn You Into An Urban Planning NutFitbit’s Newest Gadget: 24/7 Fitness Tracking Meets 24/7 App SyncingA Table Made Of Cubes, And Ultra Intricate GeometryHigh-Speed Photography Turns Water Droplets Into Liquid SculpturesL.A. Bulldozes Foreclosed Homes To Create More Urban Green SpaceThe 11 Winners Of Our 2012 Innovation By Design AwardsSanaa Adds A Snaking Building To Connecticut’s Modern EnclaveThe Classic Desk Lamp Reimagined As A Trippy 2-D PosterFrank Gehry, Eyeing His Legacy, Aims To Remake TorontoA New Skin Makes Second-Hand Furniture Gorgeous (And Green)In L.A., A Freeway’s Closure Prompts A Celebration Of Neighborhood CultureTiny, Implantable Telescope Restores Sight For Blind PatientsNest Learning Thermostat 2.0: The Old Nest, Just BetterBranch Rethinks The Social Cliches That Wrack Twitter And FacebookHow Airbnb Evolved To Focus On Social Rather Than SearchesA 570-Megapixel Camera Meant To Unravel Dark Energy’s MysteriesIt’s Time For Your Drive-By Energy AuditCitizinvestor: Crowdfunding For Community ProjectsFor Prada’s Steampunk Collection, Surreal Ads By Koolhaas’s FirmInfographic: Humans Are Just A Twig On The Tree Of LifeA Wearable Camera That Photographs Your Entire LifeA Stirring Photo Essay On China’s Longest RiverOceans, Rivers, And Puddles? Nope, These Are Actually Tables Made Of ResinAt 76, An Art Legend Plunges Head-First Into Psychedelic Digital ArtAvocado, An App Designed To Keep Couples ConnectedA Gadget That Cuts Perfectly Equal Cake SlicesA Crazy, Tilting Box That Tricks Your Inner EarBob Dylan’s Genius Inspires A Sprawling Experiment In Hand-Drawn TypeGorgeous Photographs Show Contrasting Views Of Detroit’s Present–And FutureAn Experimental New Starbucks Store: Tiny, Portable, And Hyper LocalThe Histories Of 11 Super Famous Logos, From Apple To Levi’s