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Photo Gutbomb: Burgers Designed For Maximum InsanityThis Innovative Notebook Is Like MagSafe for MoleskinesThese Shots Of Seasonal Fruits And Veggies Are Gorgeous Enough To Make You Go VeganA UFO-shaped, Prefab Pod From The ’60s Is Restored For Public UseJeanne Gang Makes Science Visible In New Design For Museum Of Natural History7 Absurdist Gadgets That Explore Our Relationship With TechnologyNew Hybrid Game Mixes Jenga With The Internet Of ThingsGoogle Designer’s Hypnotic Visualization Sets (Piano) Phasers To StunPhotographer Dan Cretu Whips Up Tiny Sculptures Made From Food ScrapsDesign Thinking Comes To Kids In This Cute Board GameThis Marine Biologist Photographs Rare, Otherworldly Oceanic CreaturesGiant Blooming Flower Lamps Turn Jerusalem Into A WonderlandDon’t Tune Out The World With These Earbuds. Instead, Tune InA Facebook Designer Reveals How Her Favorite Objects Inspire The Site’s DesignPhotographic Proof That Your Favorite Snacks Are Mostly Bags Of AirDetroit’s Silliest Gas Guzzler, Recreated In CardboardTurn Your Photos Into Coloring Books (And Unleash Your Inner Monet) With This AppPhotographer Ben Thomas Makes The World Look Like A Wes Anderson SetA Hybrid Phone-Synth For Generating Algorithmic Prank CallsYou Can Now Code Your Own Clothes With ProcessingAn Adorable Cyber Piggy Bank That Teaches Kids To Save DigitallyMuji Unveils A Trio Of Tiny Prefab Houses (Cue Envy)How Monotype Remastered Eric Gill For The 21st CenturyDenise Gershbein Knows Design Is A PathmakerThe Guggenheim Launches Its First Ever Online ExhibitionTokyo’s Best Hostel Lets You Have A Sleepover In A BookstoreThe Ultimate Minimalist Table Is Practically InvisibleThis Robot Bartender Mines Your Facebook Data To Mix Personality-Based ShootersThese Alien Glass Paintings Hide An Awesome Optical Illusion InsideTwitter Swaps Out Its “Favorites” Button For “Likes”A Slick Cabin Design For The Wilderness-ObsessedA Genius Window Hack Ushers More Daylight Into Dim ApartmentsWhere In The World Do Colors Come From?Nendo’s Lovely New Line Of Dishware Is Designed For Tiny ApartmentsThis Quirky Tool Prototypes Furniture Out Of TapeWhy Should Your Self-Driving Car Look Like A Car?NASA Releases Photos Of Mysterious “Geoglyphs” In KazakhstanThe People Of Tinder, Side-by-Side With Their LinkedIn ProfilesiPhone Setup Has Gotten A LOT More Complicated In Just 6 YearsBitTorrent’s New Browser Is Also A Data VizThis Delicate Hair Is Artisan-Level 3-D PrintingColorful, Iridescent Nike Gear Inspired By The Northern LightsThis Solid-Wood Bench Conforms To Your Body Like Memory FoamMagnets Make This Flexible Table Lamp Defy GravityGoogle Goes Analog With Its New Note-Taking Tools16 Iconic Movie Posters Transformed Into Vividly Animated GIFsWill Flat Design Ever Die?Kama Sutra Architecture, Because Buildings Need Love, TooWill A Better-Designed Electric Bike Change Commuting Habits? Biomega Thinks SoThe French City Of Grenoble Wants You To Kill Time With A Short StoryArtist Justine Smith Makes Whimsical Terrariums From CurrencyA New Illustration Book Confirms That, Yes, Your Cat Is Very SpecialThe Story Of Superstorm Sandy Through The Eyes Of NYC’s Digital First RespondersA New Gin Bar Brings Victorian London To The Heart Of San FranciscoHere’s A Novel Idea: A Pint-Size Lending Library As A Placemaking InterventionIf Mies Built A Life-Size Sand Castle, It Would Probably Look Like ThisIris Van Herpen’s Distinct Brand Of Fashion AlchemyTo Block Out The Cacophony of NYC, This Music Venue Rests On A Bed Of Springs