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John Mabry and Roger Jackson

John Mabry and Roger Jackson

John Mabry and Roger Jackson

John Mabry and Roger Jackson are designers at TEAGUE.

John Mabry / Senior Designer
A Senior Designer at TEAGUE, John Mabry specializes in high-fidelity design problem solving and execution. An industry veteran, he’s spent nearly fifteen years working to bridge the gap between hardware and software with global brands including Intel, HP, Starbucks, Microsoft, Samsung, RCA, Jensen, Kodak and Xerox. John believes in learning through doing; he makes model kits, fixed-gear bikes, Lego creations, and experimenting with desktop manufacturing techniques like 3D printing—anything that allows him to think with his hands. Passionate about rethinking how things are done and developing new concepts and tools to share, John looks at invention as an ongoing adventure. Johns other passion is gaming and he has been enjoying since the original Nintendo Entertainment System. While loving gaming in all forms he particularly relishes the cinematic living room experience delivered by consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Wii) and his purpose built living room PC running Steam.

Roger Jackson / Associate Creative Director
Equal parts industrial designer and storyteller, Roger Jackson leads multidisciplinary to create unified physical and digital assets for clients that clearly communicate the design intent. Roger’s passion for creating, formalizing and problem solving has led to a successful and varied career. He got his start in Samsung’s European design studio, where he worked to establish Samsung’s presence within Europe. Since then he’s continued to focus on making technology an integrated enabler, rather than an object of nerdy lust. Having worked across a range of categories and disciplines including home appliances, consumer electronics, trend identification, user interface and packaging, Roger is now charged with building and fostering creative teams at TEAGUE.